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Lunch Box

Starting at $135 per visit.*

This unique plan caters to busy singles who eat on the run, dine at odd hours, or want to upgrade their office bag lunch experience.

Perfect for workers stranded in the heart of a fast-food district, evening gym-goers, and everyone trying to eat convenient, delicious, healthy meals during the week.

*Plus the cost of groceries and any applicable sales or service tax.

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A refrigerator full of your favorite meals is just one click away.


Healthy convenience.

Eating nutritious meals whenever, wherever should be as easy as possible. We help make that dream a delicious reality.

Stock Up
Never face an empty fridge again. We’ll fill it with great food every week.
Eight individually-packaged entrées make impromptu dining a breeze.
Tasty Snacks
Handy snacks means fewer deli counter and vending machine visits.

Eat smarter.

All of our cooking plans include ongoing client consultations, customized menu planning, grocery shopping, in-home meal preparation, food packaging, reheating instructions, and kitchen clean up.


The Lunch Box cooking plan is sized for one person who needs weekly grab-and-go meals, and an extra hand keeping their refrigerator tidy and well-stocked with healthy between-meal choices.

Service Agreement
The cost for this weekly plan starts per $135 a visit, plus the cost of groceries, any requested plan add-ons, and all applicable sales or service tax.

There is a five-week minimum contract for this cooking plan. Cooking visits occur on a weekly basis on the day and time of your choosing. You can always skip a week; simply let us know in advance.

We require a valid credit card on file and a deposit equal to the base amount of one visit. Your credit card will be charged for each visit (service fee plus groceries and tax) on the day of that visit. The deposit is applied to the service fee of the last contracted visit.

All deposits are nonrefundable. If you decide to cancel before you’ve used all of our visits, the deposit is used to pay the next visit’s service fee, and your credit card will be charged for any groceries purchased on your behalf in advance of the cancellation.


This plan includes eight complete, portable* meals suitable for dinners or lunches, and ten portions of satisfying snacking foods.

We develop a personalized menu of seasonal mix-and-match meals and healthy snack options for you to choose from each week.

Refrigerator Stock-up Service
We fill your fridge with good-for-you grocery items, beverages, and anything else you might need. We’ll even organize it for you!

The Cooking Date
Your meals and snacks are prepared, individually packaged, labeled, and stored as you desire. We also put away any perishable grocery items you may have ordered. See a typical weekly Lunch Box plan menu, below.

Lunch Box Add-ons:
Grab-and-Go Breakfasts: Five small morning meals, $15
Extra Entrées Upgrade: Four extra servings, $15
Extra between-meal snacks, starting at $5

*We keep your safety in mind, and don't include any delicate, highly perishable ingredients (such as certain produce or seafoods) in your portable meals.


Lunch Box

Lunch Entrées

Moroccan Chicken with Freekah Pilaf and Lemony Brussels Sprouts
Louisiana Catfish with Maque Choux over Brown Rice
Butternut Squash Posole for Four

Snacks & Small Breakfast Items

Hard-Cooked Eggs
Garlic-Dill Carrot Sticks
Overnight Oatmeal with Cinnamon Apple Compote


Hummus; pita chips; multigrain bread, sliced; yogurt cups; bananas; quart of cider; lemons; case of seltzer, plain.

Ready to eat?


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