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Cooking assistance

Need some help with your holiday and special occasion meal preparations, home cooking projects, or tailgating outings? Use our kitchen expertise and you’ll be done in record time.

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Holiday cooking

Don’t spend another holiday stuck in the kitchen. Sleep in, then relax with the family and watch that parade, big game, or holiday classic movie. We’ll plan your menu; purchase and prep the ingredients; bake your holiday goodies; cook the entire holiday meal; whatever you need.

Home cooking projects

Need an extra hand making cookies for an exchange, baking and decorating cupcakes, filling dumplings, or assembling a multi-generational family picnic? Call us! We can even refer pastry and candy specialists for those fussier projects.

Tailgating service

Do you love to tailgate, but find that don’t have the time to shop, chop, and marinate before the big game day? We’ll prep everything you need for your cooler, complete with grilling and serving instructions. Depending on the venue, bring us along and we’ll do the pregame grilling show while you chill with your friends.

Vacation chef service

Renting a house for a multi-family vacation is great, except for all the humdrum cooking chores. Take us along as your private chef and we’ll do all the daily meal shopping, planning, prep, cooking, and cleanup for you. Our weekly rate for this service is $750; you supply us with transportation, room, and board for the week. We have very limited availability, so book early.

Home-baked country loaf
Backyard crab boil.
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