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Cooking for special events

Celebrate life no matter the size of your gathering. We take care of everything so you can focus on your guests.

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Romantic dinner for two

For proposals, anniversaries, and other intimate celebrations.

Treat your sweetheart to a memorable evening together with an intimate gourmet meal at home. We develop, prepare and serve three sumptuous courses and see to all those little details that make for spectacular memories.

You can add luxury items (like caviar or Belgian chocolates) or special touches (like a single red rose) to your dining experience.

Celebratory meals

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, bridal luncheons, and other small family gatherings.

Just like a favorite aunt with a culinary degree, we handle all the food planning and prep, then cook that special meal for you in your private residence. We’ll even plate it for you!

We can do breakfasts, brunches, lunches, or dinners. Your meal can be made in advance and packaged with heating instructions, or we can stay and serve it in the style of your choice: plated, family-style, or buffet.

Lifetime events

Bridal or baby showers; rehearsal dinners; anniversary parties; christening celebrations; milestone birthdays; association luncheons; graduations; send-offs and bon voyage parties.

Give any special event an exclusively intimate feeling by holding it in your home. Using our affordable in-home catering service means you’ll enjoy your next party as much as your guests do.

We handle the menu, food prep, decorations, miscellaneous party rentals, and other details. We’ll also connect you with support staff to keep everything running smoothly.

We’ll be there throughout your event. When the party’s over and all of your guests have left, you will find your kitchen spotless, the floor mopped, the plates and glassware washed and put away, the trash and recycling taken out.

Cocktail parties

You love to entertain, your cocktail-making skills are superb, but those supermarket platters, bags of chips, and cold Chinese food leave your guests feeling a bit flat.

We specialize in themed cocktail parties, especially Tiki, holiday, and movie-inspired themes. In addition to handling all the food planning, prep, cooking, and food setup in your private residence, we’ll arrange for all the other details, such as serveware, simple decorations, and cocktail supplies.

If you prefer to mingle rather than mix, we can suggest easy-to-assemble communal punches, or refer a private bartender for the ultimate in-home cocktail experience.

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